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8 Ways to Organize a Guy’s Closet

8 Ways to Organize a Guy’s Closet

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Here is how to organize a guy’s closet and, for sure, there can be some stark differences between a woman’s and a guy’s closet. Traditionally, one can think about associating a guy’s closet with dirty clothes, crumpled ties, athletic wear dangling from anything but hooks (of course, women’s closets can resemble this, too). However, today, more homeowners understand the value of becoming organized. It is proven to reduce stress. We believe the trick is to keep only what you love and what is useful to you then finding a specific place to store everything – so every item has its place.

When you care about your wardrobe and you invest in good quality and/or designer clothes, whether you are a man or a woman, it is good practice to take care of them. Do this and your mornings become much easier in getting ready and your clothes will perform well for you for years.

8 Ways to Organize a Guy’s Closet

  1. De-clutter. Take a chapter out of Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up
    First, take out every item from your closet, then organize them by their functionality. Jeans in one pile, ties in another, shoes in another, with miscellaneous in their pile. Marie would suggest picking up each item, one by one, and decide whether the item ‘sparks joy’ or not. If this seems a bit too mystical and unicorn-y, try this, “does the item serve a useful purpose and/or do you feel good wearing or using it? If an item does not fit into either of these categories, it should not return to your closet (i.e. giveaway, donate, discard).
  2. Assess and Accommodate. Once you have culled your closet items, review to ensure you will have enough hangars and storage containers to store your selections.
  3. Unify. Discard the dry cleaner and laundry mat hangars. Using all the same hangars (non-slip hangars work best) gives a grown-up, unified look. This is a good time to clear out any miscellaneous items you no longer need and to decide if they can be stored in a more useful, handy spot. When buying boxes or other storage containers or tools try to coordinate using one or two colour combinations.
  4. Clean. Indeed, there will be some dust bunnies and dirt to eradicate. Dust off hangars. Give your space a quick cleaning and, if needed, a fresh coat of paint.
  5. Organize, Colourize. Re-introduce your clothes into the closet, keeping your categories together. Jeans can be folded and stacked, lightest to darkest, or most-to-least used. Items like shirts hung by colour (lightest to darkest). Boxes can help contain smaller items like ties or belts, and it could be helpful to keep space on a shelf or one drawer for watches, cufflinks, or any other smaller jewelry or items.
  6. Maximize vertical space. Top shelf storage is a useful location for baseball cap collections, sports gear, bulkier sweaters and less frequently-used items. Add a cleaner look by placing some items in boxes. You can take it a step further with hooks, rods, and high-tech organization tools.
  7. Test your grab-and-go theory. Mornings can be hectic. Review where all your items are and that everything has its spot. Maybe you want to store your notebook bag nearby or create a place to charge your phone? Toiletry or travel bags, exercise equipment might also be items you want to include, space permitted.
  8. Personalize with final touches. This is your personal space so add a little of your interests and style here. Add a well-loved item or two that, as Marie Kondo says, ‘sparks joy.’

Whether you are a new homeowner, busy parent, or have acquired many things over the years, whatever your lifestyle, Capital Closets can design closet-organizing systems that are high functioning and right for you. A Canadian, family-run business, our Capital Closets team is dedicated in bringing you inspired, creative and unparalleled expertise.

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